Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Two Joys in my life

Preslee is 4 months!! This is crazy it seems like just yesterday I had her.  She is getting so Long and Skinny.  The f 0-3 fits her size wise but they are way to short for her and the 3-6 months swallow her but good on her long legs. 
25 1/2 inch
13lbs 11 oz
This puts her in the 95% for height and 50% for weight. 
She did so good at the doctors got three shots and has slept most the afternoon.  Now she is just rolling on the floor.

Things Preslee can do now:

*I found one of those rain Forrest bouncers at a garage sale last weekend and she loves bouncing in it. She only last about 10-15 min then she gets tired and wants to take a cat nap.
 *We often say how fragile she is and dainty, compared to Logan.
*She loves laying on the floor and rolling all over, if she was a little stronger I think she would be crawling she gets her knees under her but her arms don't quit know what to do.
For the most part she sleeps at night. She does not go to bed until late but then she will sleep like 6 hours at a time and just want to eat and goes back down.(Doctor told me today to try and not feed her during the night which I know is good not to but its easy to just give her the bottle to go back to sleep...and this is why my two year old still has his which I DO NOT WANT for miss P.
*No teeth yet just drools like crazy.
* Has a big beautiful smile that she gets a Little dimple soo so cute.
*Still has her blue eyes and auburn hair and pail pail skin.
*Loves talking to us
*instead of crying when she gets mad she normally just grunts at us which is so can already see her little temper I don't know where she gets that:) she wants HER way.

She is growing so fast we just love her so much.

Logan is getting Soooo Big. he is already 40 lbs. Not sure on his height but tall totally skipped 2t and went straight to 3t.
He is starting to talk so much.
today he asked"help please" it made my day.
I really can not get enough of this kid. It makes me sad to think about him growing up and not being my little baby. But I am also excited to see him grow.
Logan is a big handful for me there are some days that I just sit and cry and have NO clue how to handle him or fell that I am not patient enough with him and then there are the days that I think OK I can be patient I am good at this I can do this.

I finally got some paper work mailed last week to a specialist for him and I am waiting to hear back to get an appointment.  I will post about it later. It was really hard for me to fill it out but I am so grateful I got it off and Now its the waiting game.  I really hope they can help me b/c I am feeling at my breaking point and could really use some help with learning how to help him.
Anyways more on Logan and what he is up to...
(I so wish I was better at this when he was younger)
He loves singing the ABC song and does it over and over all day long
he also counts to 20 over and over and says numbers numbers b/c he wants to play with the numbers on my phone(which he could do all day long.)
This amazing Lady in our ward gave Logan her kids old leapster and he Loves playing it it helps calm him down.
He loves the Mormon Message I am a child of god song and will sing the whole song....Every time I try to record him singing it he wont silly little boy.
He loves his baths
Snow white is one of his fav movies and knows most the lines out of it and will act it out with them. WAY CUTE
He loves Little enisteiens.  and all the instruments in the show.  He can tell you what instruments are what. he knows the trombone,truphet,bass, cello,drums, cymbol, flute and several others. 
He loves to sing. He loves music it calms him. we watch the Mo tab choir every sunday and he loves it.
Oh at church for our primary sacarement this little boy played the cello and he heard it and started to scream A cello a cello I love that he loves music.
He loves nursery. Anytime someone says amen in sacarment he yells Nursery Nursery and starts to run to Nursery I am sooo glad he loves it and goes. It took a couple of tries going but now he is a regular.
*Logan still does not play very much with other kids but he is gettting better at it.
I try and take him to the park a couple of times a week. At first it was very hard on me but now he does amazing and really loves it. He even started to go down the slide by himself this past couple of weeks.  He does all his different patters like he has to walk the same steps and go to the letters say all them and then go down the slide.  I have learned to just be patient and go along with it.
He does not pay much attenetion to miss P but when he does it is so cute it melts my heart.
Logan his so loving he kisses me all the time.  He is going to be one big sweetheart. 
I could go on and on but there is a few things about my kids.
I am so greatfull for the two I have I really can  not picture my life without them.
They  bring Joy to my life.

Thank goodness I found it

OH MY GOSH!! I just spent an hour writting a post all about the kids and I just deleted it on accident!! I am going to DYE!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random feelings

So I know I need to post. I actually don't even know where to begin. Do I start with how I am really feeling and maybe to some people sound way negative and sad. and of course I just sat down to do this and Logan wakes up. I also could start with telling everyone how the kids are doing and what we are up to and put this energy out there that I am doing amazing and that I dint need any help (which by the way I am really good at doing)
I am thinking of starting another blog one just for the kids and updates on all the Joy that they bring to me and then keep another one where I can feel free to write how I feel and what I am going through from my medical standpoint and also Logans.  But I am so afraid of the little amount of  people that do read this and old friends will not follow it.  I know I am so crazy and sooo insecure. 
I have this survey thing I have to fill out for something all about me and I sat  down to fill it in last night and thought OH MY GOSH I do not know me I don't know what I like anymore and I still am trying to fill it out and am having a hard time with it. as Snow whites says it best..."that's sad".
I don't know why I have such a hard time being me and so afraid what people will think or say.
I was just sitting here today(well really I am in the middle of painting the bath room) and thinking How  much pain my body is in. and then Remembering that just 3 months ago "I" had a Heart attack and how quickly we all forget about that.  I often feel like I hope I don't regret doing to much and will I really see the affects of this later in life.  on the other hand I have this tuff stubborn I need to just keep going cant ask for help have to be strong. I don't even know how I would ask because I just don't know.  I have wonder Women as a mom she does all and never stops going I sometimes fell like I can't talk to her because she just does not understand me having pain and I need to just keep going. I think that is why I have a hard time with how to feel.

The most frustrating thing about this whole thing is that each doctor says something different and there really does not seem to have any closer.  I feel Like I always have one thing after another so I am so tired of telling people whats going on.  Hopefully next week when I go in to the Heart Doctor we might be able to have more answer for me. 

this is so random but its whats on my mind.
The kids are doing awesome both getting SOO big I love then both so much.
I will post pictures soon of what we are up to.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Preslee Rose Fackrell

Preslee Rose Fackrell
7.5 LBS 20 Inches
I can not believe it has been two weeks.  I have been wanting to post this plus birth story for a while its just finding the time to do it and also the words to know how to write everything that happen.  There was a little complication when delivery started we are both doing amazing now but I ended up having a Heart attack minutes before they where going to deliver Preslee.  For now I am just posting this just for those who keep asking for pictures but i will Soon post about the whole thing.  (Yes I know its hard to believe at 27 I really did have a Heart Attack and I really am doing good...Thank you priesthood blessing and Heavenly Father)
Here are a few pictures and I through one in of Logan cause he is just so cute and getting so big!

 I love her little toes all pointed
 I love this little boy! he is so happy b/c he is about to go Swim with Daddy

about to go home:) OH HAPPY DAY!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


FOUR Days!!! So I am kinda stumped on what to really write but I just feel Like I really should and then it came to me that I wanted to write a little of what has been going on the last couple of weeks to be able to remember the last weeks with only One child.  Lets just say the last oh three weeks have been crazy! Crazy not in the way of me doing things to get ready for the baby but crazy b/c we have been way sick.  I have had no voice for two and Half weeks I finally got it back about Saturday. Our schedule has been way off Logan has been sleeping and eating like you would not believe.  I think it has been a blessing but its been kinda hard to get him back on a good schedule.  We have been sleeping in tell like ten and then really not doing anything the rest of the day.  I was planning on swimming everyday and just spending some fun time with him...We have spent lost of time together just not out and about more like lying in bed cuddling.  He is not that big of a cuddlier but the last couple of weeks he can not cuddle me enough he has just been so cute.  He will talk and talk and then say mama and give me a kiss like over and over its cute but then your like OK enough kisses:) and he will just come give me a hug and then pat my back.  I love this little boy so much.  He also can not get close enough to me he will be on my lap on my tummy but he just wants to get closer and it kills my belly but he just wants to be with me.  I am not sure if its b/c we have all been under the weather or if he is sensing that something is changing or probably both.  The only thing with the whole sleeping in thing is that he WILL not take a nap...NO BUENO.  I am grateful that we lounge in the morning especially b/c  I am moving sooo slow these days but then come 5 I am going crazy b/c we have been stuck inside all day with no nap.  We are starting to get back on sleeping right but really until the baby comes I think this is just the way its gotta be.
We have done some fun things we have been swimming quite a bit and Logan LOVES the water he so wants to just swim I am thinking next summer it will come to him.  He loves when me and Ian count 123 and then push him under the water back and fourth.  If we do not count fast enough he will start saying 1 3  its so cute.  I went under the water and so he thought he should try it he is so the water he gets scared going down slides:) We also have been going to these little kid music concert every wed.  They are fun Logan is not sure about them he stays close by but its been fun getting out of the house lets hope for next year he will get up and dance and enjoy it better. 
Lets see we have gone to play group well like once its a lot of work to go to play group for me its at a big pool where Logan cant stand so with his no fear I have to chase him and its just a lot of work. 

This is WAY long sorry
So I have been wanting to nest and then I just have nothing to give and I have been so frustrated with it.  I have so much to do to get ready for my mother in law to come and baby but just not an inch of energy to do anything.  I feel like I just sit here and look at everything that needs to get done and then I cant and I get so frustrated.  It is coming together but I just wish I could get up and just work work work like i normally can.  I think I have got to the point of it is what it is.  Its really not bad I just am way weird aka pairinord about my house looking clean ( I know I have Issues with it)  but instead of cleaning I have decided that Oh I am just sitting here Why don't I sew...BAD IDEA! Cause it seems to be when the boys go to be and it gets late and then I stay up way late b/c I make mistakes b/c I am so tired.   I have sewn a diaper bag which I had decided I would not do and then last week was like oh I can do that silly me and then when I cut it out I did not cut on the fold which throw the whole thing off I was able to redeem it with re cutting as much as I could(I was using fabric I had so did not have much extra) and then my mom helped me save it.  I think I could have done it on my own I just was so over it that I think if i tried i just would have said forget so I am glad she helped.  It turned out pretty cute.
So when I was in the middle of making the bag and it was not working I decided to start a new project I know way smart and messed that one up, well kinda.  I decided to make a car seat blanket cover thingy.  My friend gave me her pattern and said it was way easy. leave it to me to mess it up.  Oh did I mention that I really am not a sewer I just kinda make it up as I go from watching my mom and free tutorials.  So on this pattern it said fold in HALF and round the edge MAKE SURE NOT TO CUT ON FOLD Well I did not cut on fold but I did think oh it would be easier to cut if i made it smaller to cut aka in FOURTHS I don't know what I was thinking well it was way late so I cut it I now have more then just rounded edges.  I think it actually is going to turn out pretty good and different then all the others.  It just was harder to sew instead of just a straight line I had to go up and down all the half circle.  Its still not finish but hopefully I will tomorrow:)
So then Saturday night I decided to make a fourth of July Wreath that was well another this should take an hour turned into two and then another hour tonight but IT IS FINISHED!!! It turned out so cute I am glad I made it. 
I do still have a lot of things I want to get down but I am just going to go with it and not stress if I get them done great if not oh well. 
We have a crazy week which will be good it will help the week go fast.  lost of Dr appointment and MIL coming in. 
I cant wait to meet this little girl I am way nervous to have two kids and I hope Logan does good is it crazy that it makes me a little sad for Logan to not be the only child I spoil him so much I hope this does not rock his world too much.  Thank you to all my friends who have helped me and send your love I really need it I have the personality that I need to feel needed and loved. 
Please come visit me I may look like crap but I really like visitors with Logan I got baby blues so I am hoping to not this time and visitors will help!
I know this is way long and ALL over the place so hopfully you could follow it:)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is a MAJOR understatement! Baby is coming in two weeks and I am sick! And have been for the past week. Today I have NO voice none Nada and my throat is on fire! I have not been this sick since they took my tonsils out a couple of years ago. I have SO much to do and I can not move.  I went to the doctor Monday and he gave me some stuff to take and I thought I was feeling better yesterday but it was all lie.  I was up all night again (have not sleep more then 2-3 hours a night for a week) And woke up with a bad headache and a really sore throat and my body just aces from A sleeping on the couch(yes Ian kicked me out of bed b/c I was keeping him up) and B coughing so much has made the muscle in my tummy so sore and it kills! I REALLY need to get better I can not move and it is killing me.  I want to do all this stuff with Logan before baby comes and I want  NEED to CLEAN for my mother in law to come to town.  I think this is what is most stressful getting my house ready  for my MIL to come. She has never seen our new house and not that she really cares but I am putting a lot of stress on myself for her coming...more then having this baby.  I feel so overwhelmed.  I feel like all I do is CLEAN and it is never done and never clean.  ( Don't get me wrong I don't have like a crazy messy house) just a little unorganized.  I have my moms pack ratness and my Dads OCD and it drives me crazy. I am not a very organized person I try so hard but its just not me.  and I really want it to be before my MIL comes.  And with being sick I have not got ANYTHING done.  On top of that Ian is gone A LOT I don't think he has had a day of (besides Sunday and even then he has worked them the last couple of weeks) in like two months.  I am making him take Saturday off so we can get things done.  I just hope that I feel better!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One mans Trash another man Treasures

Last summer Ian and I went to the thrift store to find some amazing deals....Well did we ever.  I found a really cute white crib that just so happened to have the color sticker that was 50% off that day.  I really wanted it and Ian thought I was crazy b/c Logan had a crib and at the time No baby # 2 was on the way. But how could I pass up a sleigh bed crib for $29. Yes it needed to maybe be painted but I paint everything any ways so it would be fine.  (Oh i just remembered Logan's crib need the metal bottom thing so that is how I got Ian to let me buy it:) So we bought it and it has been sitting ever since.  Well we pulled it out last weekend to paint it off white to match the hutch I painted and found that we where missing some parts.  So i went on line to get the instructions on how to put it together and see about ordering the parts to find that It had been RECALLED.  My first thought was YAY we could get a new crib then immediately my second thought was is that honest to buy a crib for $29 at a thrift store and then send in the recall to get a new one.  I came to the conclusion that yes it was OK for me to send in the recall b/c that is why it is there to keep your babies safe.  So we did everything they said to send in and away it went.  I was a little nervous (well I am just in nature anyway a nervous person) but you just hope your sending in the right stuff and will they really send you a new one ect ect.  Well I just got the e-mail saying they received all the screws, Pictures, showing we had the crib and will be sending our new crib today!!! YAY! we are getting a new crib.  I have no Idea what crib we are getting but I know it has to be better then the one we have. I will post picture when we get the new one.  I was going to paint the old one off white to match but I will not paint the new one we will just let it be:) It makes me want to go to the thrift store and see what other Treasures I can find.